Gloss Black Psychedelic

Artist Bio:

,"Beautifully, eclectic, gothic vibes"

"- John tirckle. CODART"

"If you make art, people will talk about it and Don Keylands work is to be talked about "

"- Sarah Stone, Life magazine. "
Donald Keyland is a fine artist from the UK.
Painting all day every day, living in Brighton, his Art career started as a street artist when the genre was new and not yet a 90's cliche.

Stickers were his street weopon, producing over 200 different "Badger" stickers, by the tens of thoudsands, ditributed in 37 countries at the last check.

Having had many various projects and exhibitions all over Brighton City, he shifted his focus on to this most recent collection.

Described in reviews as "moody Gothic with a cheerfully psychedelic edge"

Don, uses art as a vehicle of globally, coherant, communication.~Art with a point to make, not art for decoration or better known as pointless art..
The initial view is always to the bold defined images. Under the radar of the first view, when you can see and experience more than what you are shown, tactically achieved with the contrasts of vibrant show stopping, gloss black balanced with various attentions to the objects shine and textures with heavy use of metallic and varnishes. The intricacies dance a tale of stories and mysteries, akin to a labyrinth of meaning, direct and indirect.


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