Artist Bio:

Gloss Black Psychedelic

,"Beautifully, eclectic, Gothic vibes"

"- John tirckle. CODART"

"If you make art, people will talk about it and Don Keylands work is to be talked about "

"- Sarah Stone, Life magazine. "
Don Keyland.

Don is a fine Artist who lives in a house in Brighton, England..
Painting all day every day, mostly at night, his Art career started when study stopped. His raw passion manifesting as street art when the genre was new and not yet a 90's cliché.

With stickers as a street weapon, he set out to travel the world without leaving the house, also without a budget.
Which was surprisingly achieved.
At one point there were over 200 different "Badger" stickers, printed 21 per sheet, on household address labels reinvented for purpose by the tens of thousands.
They got out to 37 countries before stopping counting.
objective achieved.

Having had many various projects and exhibitions all over Brighton City, he disappeared.
The journey away, was To work on a body of work under a new style a style all his own captured just once in a previous painting, but wasn't repeatable.
Time, practice, patients conquers all obstacles.

What is represented here, on this site and future exhibitions, is Dons fine art in a unique style that was earn t through hard work dedication and patients.

Described in reviews as "moody Gothic with a cheerfully psychedelic edge"

Don, uses art as a vehicle of globally, coherent, communication.~Art with a point to make, not art for decoration, not pointless art.


My Artist manifesto in the dogma of a list.

To live forever.
To have produced as much good work to be worth living for ever.
To not divert from my work with side shows.
To try to get out there.
To no longer care what people think.
To take disadvantages and march under that flag.
To make art with meaning, not meaningless art.
A deciple in the school of Blake, 'Copying from reality, deadens the imagination'.


I am not a popular artist,

my life's work is not popular.
Infact i am at a stage in my life where not being popular, is far more appealing, as my work is still so tormented.
A bands first album is always the best and apart from local, most people haven't seen my work.


I have died 1000 times, i am dead inside, grew then died again like a sadistic, macabre poem,
i wrote a chapter in the book of disappointment, it was rejected.

There wasn't a day i quit in all those times.
Those times showed me i have to work harder.
Work harder for what? why keep going on a road that has no reward, why not just paint flowers and people,
sell out and be popular.. why can't you just compromise.?

Its not because i cant, its because i wont, I believe in the path i was set, it sings out to me like the generations of artists before me, the reason cave men painted on walls to Leonardo drawing his hand, the natural dusty road of progression but my own journey, my own awkward but amusing story.

Diversions cost time and to make unpopular ....popular, why bother? its all opinion and trends, trends change. for now i may as well enjoy unpopular rather than fight it... be real.

So as we live in the future, i will live on, through this site and all the Google images it creates.
For 100 years from my death day this site is paid for, a guaranteed legacy, google wont forget me, systems and being google searchable have always been my strengths since learning html for myspace. Try it, google image search Jamie DNKY or Don Keyland.

The one good thing about being an artist as a career choice in the future, is you get to have a legacy if you are smart, theres no need to be forgotten then dug up in an attic.

I work 8 hours a day at least on art, normally during the night when the white noise of the day has passed.

I have recently secured a spot in the flux exhibition in Chelsea, i am working on that at the moment. You are all welcome to attend.

Question: How do you paint.
 Answer:  I don't believe it is me that paints, i am just the vessel.
I am completely serious. I don't believe it is me that paints.

One of the things that i know is that painting and by achieving painting, you can reach and i do reach a relaxed state that is exactly the same as meditation.
With higher degrees, the more competent you become.
I do believe you can become a self taught black belt in the discipline of meditation through art.... or as i found it concentrating so hard on art, you find yourself in this state of consciousness accidentally.
Not joking.

I, as many others believe, there is evidence in pre neolithic times, that our ancient ancestors achieved the same conscious state.

If Bruce Parry's trips to lost tribes have revealed anything, tribal people love to space out, some times on drugs for special occasions, normally involving camp fires and the tribe banging drums and trancing out. Drugs are not the essential ingredient, my adult studies have concluded.

Within this trance like state, was probably when the first human painted on a wall, .......our caveman ancestors didn't paint what they had killed that day... but what they visioned, they would kill, in the next days hunt.

Like a domestic cat will chase a toy mouse it cant eat, even if it has never seen a real mouse, it does this because of instinct.
Art can be debated, that it is instinctual too. A compulsion.
Art is one of the things that separate us from the animal kingdom and is very much a window into the question... what makes us human?

This is why art hasn't been phased out, throughout history and at many times suppressed, because of the power it can have and does on a day to day bases, spanning language barriers.

After each generation and as each century closes, we find new reason and new purpose for ... the question, why do we paint?

I can only understand why i paint and can only answer for myself.
I am compelled to make art with more meaning than' fucking flowers' to make people happy.
I am compelled to paint since i have ever known. I drew on the walls at 3. i still draw on walls now.
For all the science in the world, i still can't fight the inner call of destiny. It is a loud ghoul with an eternal howl for those tuned in to hear it.. i don't mean like an alien signal we feel is out there we are looking for, i mean i hear it in FM or DAB even if the signal is just a sick joke, the tune was nice.
And thats why and how i paint.



Final question, why am i known as Jamie DNKY and Don Keyland?

Jamie DNKY was the guy that asked questions and tried everything. He is dead.
Don Keyland is the one with answers to question and knows himself.
If i was a kung foo movie, from pupil, to teacher but always on the quest to master.


~Don Keyland



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