Art Bio

Artist Bio:

"If you make art, people will talk about it and Don Keylands work is to be talked about "

Donald Keylands fine art bio.

Don is a fine Artist who lives in a house in Brighton, England..where he chose to live, not where he was born. Street art makes him sick, actually a lot of things make Don sick.

As a baby he was compelled to draw on walls and no idea he had super powers.
By 20-30 when the genre was new and not yet a 90's cliché he was still drawing on walls, it was a lot of effort, as those walls were drawn over, just as quick.
so he turned to stickers, mass production of the modern age, home industrialisation, proved you didn't need to go very far to get very far.

The original 'Badger' stickers, which were redeveloped as  'Albatros woods'  in 2018, at the start was 2007. They were tagged in 37 countries before originally counting stopped, hand delivered and posted through an international rave network.

By this time Don had got a good Arts 2.1 degree with honours and a good work ethic through the discipline. university installs, learning how to set projects and deadline goals, on large, sometimes long projects, while staying self motivated, is worth more than the paper its printed on.

Painting all day every day, but hyper focused mostly at night, his Art career started when study stopped at 27, self employed tax registered as an artist. His raw passion manifesting in several big sales and reassurance of the artist path through his workshop... until they needed to try to build a Tesco on that 7 years later...
Don embraced the Silver lining, as by this time he was self taught in how not to make so much mess, with less rent. Working from home meant less going out.

It was about this time i have been instructed shouldn't write about what can only truly be described as shamanic journeys and not going out much, subsequently building a castle of art work a portfolio to stand behind, the down side in not going out doesn't help getting out in terms of career progression...
Apparently painting every day is not how to be an artist.... you need to be a photographer a web designer, a publicist and a personality people like.... being popular was the bit Don realised was never going to work.

At 40 Don realised the reason he felt like an alien all his life was because in-fact he had special powers other normal people don't have. That X-man mutation, is HYPER FOCUS power! and recall long term memory.
One of his earlier Bio edits, was about how he was a troll, that lived in a cave without windows....
in 2018 Don was diagnosed after taking himself of to check, that what he already knew after, knowing himself, from his 4 years in India, was in-fact that when asked to check if he had Aspergers due to the fact he could retain x-man amounts of info about dynastic and predynastic civilisations, they finally managed to tell him what he already knew, but nobody believed him for 40 years, he did have what they now call Autism level 1, ADHD and OCD to add to his conquered dyslexia diagnosed in uni.
Can you even believe that, nobody thought to tell him, through, school, and 7 years of further education. He describes as the essence of the worlds sick joke!
However on the same paper autism is wrote by the Dr, 'Hyper-focus' is also written, in true registered super power classification.

During the time of winter 2017 when Don went for a voluntary referral and had to wait 6 months to be tested,
Don went the other direction  in parallel.
....Don, went forward with his art career and had 2 successful Art exhibitions in April and May 2018. One was in prestigious Chelsea London, the other was in Brighton. Both prestigious group shows.

A lot of work was sold and things were back on.......
What is represented here, on this site and future exhibitions, is, what he calls his castle, the body of work and style carrying forward, that never got out much in real life.
Dons fine art in a unique style that was earn't through hard work dedication and patients, plus x-man super powers of concentration, not possible to achieve by a normal man.

'Copying from reality deadens the imagination' which is a William Blake quote, has become the law, in Dons universe. and Bacon has a lot of influence being the only 2 artists he respects.... his most poignantly correct description, to date has been, "moody Gothic with a cheerfully psychedelic edge"

Don, uses art as a subversive vehicle of coherent, communication.~Art with a point to make, not art for decoration. He can skilfully deliver secrets of the universe, some times, but at other times he doesn't.

As Blake had his angels, Don paints his monsters in all their glorious monstrousness taking six months of X-man focus to focus each 1, revealing his portfolio of unsold mostly unknown work whilst feeling comfortable in the steps he has to take to gain exposure.
You will probably be able to follow the links to find Don on the internet, where he will probably be using his low empathy and lack of filter in the things he says, which should be drawbacks of autism, to his advantage.


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