Donald Keyland

Gothic'ly ,    Psychedelic ,   ....Fine Artist.

Hello and welcome to my online art portfolio.

To briefly introduce myself My name is Don Keyland, I am a full time 60 hrs a week artist, which you probably know, considering you are here at fopunkt.com looking at my online 'art portfolio.'

I am a fine artist by trade an illustrator and genuinely qualify as a street artist with a little credit and plenty of evidence of my stickers on the streets globally for over 10 years with support that claim, right here on this site. However i am not the biggest fan of the term street artist, my passion is with my monster fine art paintings i am compelled to paint.
They take me 6 months to paint what i refer to as objects in hyper concentration mode, an x-man type 'special power' i have which luckily for me, normal people do not. You can read more about my x-man abilities in my bio.

If you want to pigeon hole me, i am a fine artist who doesn’t believe in copying from reality... a dogma created by William Blake that never leaves my head, since the first moment i read it.
Stubborn maybe with what i see as logical reason no matter what i learn what i see or what inspires me William Blake’s own words 'copying from reality deadens the imagination' a quote from the three centuries in the past, holds true as a logical relevant journey to undertake as a personal philosophy that anatomical proportions are not as important as form and imagination.

I painted & sprayed all the objects, by hand by myself, no slaves - unlike Hockney or Hirst, i have no factory no employees or external labour sourcing. Maybe I’m working class, maybe I’m a control freak, maybe I’m into art dogma, but I am deeply opposed to artists not making their own work on a fundamental almost spiritual level.

I don’t mind if you stop reading now and click over to my art.... the rest is an art rant.

When i found out Henry Moore didn’t cast his own sculptures i cried for days, i quite like him. Apparently within art you can make a 2cm blue-tac model, tell someone to make it 10 meters high, then take credit that you made it, -the caster get zero credit even though metallurgy is a serious craft that propelled human evolution .... For me that’s not right at all.
I have a deep belief there are 2 classes of the philosophical school of art, which we don’t portray clearly in the modern broad and confusing world,  there are artists and there are designers the difference being very real.

Spray painting a pre made stencil, is design. Tracing with an OHP, or using tracing paper, etc -is design as are blue tac models. This is my universe of understanding, If you don’t agree that is fine, i studied to be an artist since my 1997 A level, before my degree, my reasoning behind my reasoning of the universe is through study.

Robots are not artists. On the whole with exception of still life artists (why bother take a photo, but still -wow those people are unreal like a photocopies, great skill.) Art is a passion response, 'what shall i paint today' a fundamentally shamanic spiritual question, that mankind have been asking since the stone age. Que all the landscape painters there ever was, why did you paint that area of country side... que spiritual response of i was drawn to it. Art is still a thriving registered profession today the parameters are changing but its not exiting modern life ; why?
There is a deep core level reason for this scholars seem to agree on, art is indeed one of the answers to the universe as much as maths science physics and philosophy seem to be.  A Mandelbrot set of the human mind. When Plato came up with the Platonic solids he wasn’t telling jokes in some-kind of BC stand up comedy routine.

I am a professional artist and illustrator its my registered job title with the inland revenue so there is no swerve ball question about that, modern age pigeon hole 'ticked'. Yet i must admit i am a fake photographer, fake printer, fake colour corrector, fake social platform specialist and a fake website designer...................... yet here we are!

To be an artist in the 21st century post internet, where great art is not just in rare publications but a google search away. The job title 'Artist' is so much more than drinking tea and wondering which brush stroke to choose these days, standards have gone up, us non rock star artists like Tracy Emin who work once every 7 years like a fucking vampire are a dying breed, us regular artist humans work hard. Everything you see on this site, is my own work from source code to jpg to brush stroke. This 1 man against the world possibly a self created dogma, was in the early days a full of holes concept, not quite being able to reach the standards expected on all facets which are genuine complete full time job professions on their own ...

So without further adoo, i do hope you enjoy my art, feel free to contact me with any questions you will make my day. If you would like to support my quest in art with a few encouraging likes , feel free to follow me on social media by clicking the link respective logos at the bottom right of this page which lead to my official insta'art  and fb'art profile. . Thanks for your time.
-Don of the house of Keyland.


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