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Donald Keyland Tailor.


How do i come up with a zillion individual designs?

Well that is easy, i don’t have a pattern, what i have is a mannequin, i model each skirt on the stand, and breath them to life.

Go on:~

First, I sit surrounded by shapes of reclaimed leather I’m going to call it eco leather right now. So, I got all that lay around me, just like a witch's spell, piles of finishings, interesting sections of fascination with an equal measure of studs and haberdashery that would make a haberdasher cry. I simply put the pieces together in the obvious way, which is a polite way to say; aliens send messages to me. They tell exactly what to do and i just follow. To me, it's natural and organic, each choice I make happens because pieces are destined to tessellate that why it feels so right when they do. A pattern has no remorse for the qualities of different in pieces or natural shape and patina, the pattern cutters focus is order at the edge of a blade.

Hi, My name's Don, I welcome you here from the house of Keyland, if I’m going to live in my own universe it should probably be a good one. In my universe; destiny and artistic vision are actually real things. Traditional gender roles are probably out of date, the world is dying, while we watch and reputation is based on the last skirt you sold, so do the best you can................ well that’s just not good enough -always try harder.

It is more than that though if I am honest. Plato decided the platonic solids were an answer to perfect form in the universe.
In my universe, I’m not going to play myself down or apologise, I have the internet you have the internet, we are so much smarter than Plato.
For me the best 5 skirts I ever made, did come close to my artistic vision and no word of a lie, when the last detail was sewn and I held each one up to look; the sun, broke through the clouds and lit my eyes till I could hardly see nor could I hear for the divine overture of magnificent splendour.

In the real world; My business plan would make Peter Jones cry if I was on dragons den.
LUCKY for people reading about eco skirt designers, i.e. us, my business plan with no apologies and full pride for my art-form goes like this:
I always have 7 skirts,( some choice, not too much choice, too complicated and people walk away.) 7 is a magic number. If I sell one then I need to make 1 to replace it. Doors open in the spring when the weather warms up but never really shut. If I sell them all in a short period of time, I auto-trigger challenge myself to make a collection to replace the space...... photoshoot, photoshoot.
The real world also sternly suggests, I should sew in modern production terms of boxes, not units, think Primark think getting on the phone to India to start the machines. or get out son.
I would like to make it very clear I am not playing now and never have been, only growing. I wouldn't be able to sew skirts from a boardroom for all the pushing paper and phone calls, like a wish from a genie, you have to be careful with wishes, keep it real, I sew because I sew. My ideals may antique compared to industrialisation and capitalism,   but they every bit as valid.
Each skirt takes me two to three days, some take me 4 days. It does not matter to me, I’m on my artistic vision vibe, turns out in the real world, its suggested you should charge for each hour you sew, which is great, but at £600 it gets in the way of... you sell one, you make one.... the tribal drum is louder too me.

Obviously I’m still Dre' so the complicated juggling of realities as an art-form in itself seems to be legit, if there was no merit in world-building and 'if you sew them they will come' destiny was a delusion, the realities of the real world would have chewed me up and spat me out, long ago. Yet here i am.

~That really is a beautiful story Don, but can you sew?

OK, lets cut to real-world verification paperwork. I have a good degree at a well respected English university. BA fashion design with Hons top-class. If you ever come down to Brighton, I can actually teach you how to sew, I run 1to1 sewing lessons, my hourly rate is £11 an hour.
Feel free to contact me about sewing lessons, or anything I can help you with   concerning skirts at all, or even just to say great stuff, let me know you are out there.

You can order my skirts directly from the internet right here if you do, as I always hand tailor before sending to make sure it fits you perfectly, I am going to need your waist measurement via the contact box as a standard practice it sends me an email. If you want a chat  about alterations, like for your skirt to be longer, or move this bit here, that bit there my fastest response time and most chatty place to get me because emails scare me, is my fb link at the bottom of this page. It will ping up for me,  unless I’m dead, in which case I’m so sorry this shop has ceased because of deceased, but more than likely I will get back to you pretty quick.

If you contact me to order a skirt, I can post the next day globally. In modern speak; my customer services sales team and delivery system are fully streamlined to create a personal customer service from the first contact till delivery including superb aftercare and free alterations. I don’t mind telling you all that process is just me all along 'haha', that makes zero difference to the result it's far better you can actually just talk to me and my promise is my word.
If it's in the post, it was literally made for you, it was the secret revealed at the end, which started way back before the pieces all fit effortlessly together.

Please read my section on ethics it is important to me, absolutely watch my youtube cartoon which took me 3 months to animate it explains with very few words, why my skirts are ethical af, thankyou ever so much for taking interest to be here, cue no messing around soundbites:

Ethically sourced and made without a pattern, traditionaly bespoke  -just for you;
each truly individual, each works of art. This is not Production.


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