Ethics concerning leather

Leather crafting is older than Rachel Welch’s bikini in 100,000 years BC, a lot older in-fact.

Leather comes from animals, however my skirts comes from old sofas, which are not animals.
Cleaned up in a very correct processing way, The only difference between the 2 are ethics.

Sceptic: Old sofas sound disgusting though.

Well as i just said and i illustrated in my video, i spend a lot of time in the clean up process using strong chemicals to restore old leather ~in a tradition yet modern way.
Obviously when you have a whole sofa to recycle there is room to leave undesirable sections and keep the desirable sections.

The morals:
In a nut shell when a the sofa is thrown away, the next stage after being left in the street is 100% landfill, the morals end there. Left to rot, except, you can imagine some of it will stay quite beautiful, enhanced by the patina of age.
Now as i am sure you can respect, a sofa is a large mass of landfill. Wouldn’t it be ideal, if we could just remove all the landfilled sofas of the world? how big a difference to the environment would that make in metric tons?.

I can't remove all the sofas from landfill, but i have removed a fair few in my time.

The moral element, really end at end product, extra life is morality free.
you would have to go pretty far -(i haven’t heard a convincing debate yet) to suggest there is any second use morality ethics concerning leather.

Sceptic: I would prefer no animals were involved at all and it was made from polyester.

Interestingly polyester, has quite a high animal cost really, although it is hidden.
Firstly you need big trucks driving across the country, to make the fabric, then on to the place the fabrics sold, then back to the fabric mamafacturers, then distrubuted to suppiers, then to outlets (shops) sold, then back to the customers home.... animals get hit on the road all the time and you got to just hope those many truck drivers didnt eat a bacon sandwich on the way.
There are a lot of Animal products in a truck, lets remember.
Is polyester vegan?  to process polyester and have a certificate to say you didnt use pig grease on the machines to keep them spinning smoothly, just isnt a thing, there are obviously hidden animal costs sadly in modern production of everything humans take for granted. Things really are not as simple as they seem.
The ethics of reuse or make a new product from scratch are worth a few moments to think about.

Sceptic: So are you saying they are vegan? are you really saying that?

Well............... no. But i would say that to choose a new product over a reinvented product, is not quite as simple to do the maths on, as it may first appear.

I never have and never will make the same skirt twice. Everyone skirt is entirely individual.

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