Eco conscious
Stripper skirts

Wearing a skirt bought as a stripper skirt, doesn’t make you a stripper,       unless you          want it to.

Girls support other girls,

Exotic dancers are as entitled to be eco conscious as any other human.

Its 2019. Small skirts are hot.

Skirts first talk later!


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Now that i have your attention:

This is a great opportunity to answer the obvious questions some are bound to ask Especially if they are curious enough to to be reading this page.
Scenario 1
You are a stripper and you bought your skirt online at an official stripper skirt shop. made by a designer and there was only 1 in the world like it. Your skirt wasn't made in a microfibre nightmare pumped into the sea from a distant factory, it was eco as fuck, but most importantly, it was cute.

Scenario 2.
You had a particular look in mind involving a short skirt, what page got your attention wasn’t even an issue.

Scenario 3.
Wearing skirts over leggings is your thing.

Going to clear up all the haters, I have an open mind to my chosen title of this page and some people would like to read more.
Norm's with conservative questions here’s a logical example.
Mark Boland wore women’s clothes on the show 'top of the pops' performing as T-Rex.
they were Marks clothes, nobody cared which department he shopped in. That was 1971
It's in 2019. You shouldn't presume a thing these days.

OK, you can stop reading now.

In-case you insist, I magic more words to read, then 'abracadabra!':

One normal non-stripper female perspective:
Imagine you were at a festival like zillions of normal everyday people do, all around the world every year. Set the scene. You are wearing leggings, you want to wear leggings so that’s that, but you feel leggings are a bit boring on their own, you want a little bit of coverage if not only for wind protection. A well-considered look is forming.
At this time the pretty skirt you bought on the internet is your wisest choice of outfits.
This skirt was the only one ever made in the entire world, so it was made for you. from an independent designer/tailor, not a shop, plus it was eco-conscious AF.

At some point some bozo comes along you are genuine friends with but they are very well known as a joker, they simply say 'i love your skirt,'
so you reply 'thanks,'
the banter went on: eventually, banter goes on to them saying 'it is like a leggings fascinator I love it.'
This accident double meaning comment would be funny at the same time a moment of self-conscious may step in. It doesn't need to though.
it would be great and fantastically witty to reply, 'thanks its a stripper skirt, I got it in a stripper skirt shop.' and just know your stuff to leave that conversation blunt like that. that why I wrote these wordy things,  if someone wants to know more about the skirts I make on this page, they can go to my webpage and read all about it..

So Mr DNKY sole designer creator and sewer, I read this far, convince me:
Quickest recap I can: Around the year y2k I qualified for a good degree in fashion design at a respectable English university, with Hons.
I started specialising in Leather skirts about 10 years ago. If you click on my portfolio you can see the history in pictures of my skirt making.
The strive for legitimacy is a road nobody tells you about being a guy designing ladies clothing items, its really easy for your friends to joke about 'what’s your angle is' with a cheeky smile, 'say no more, say no more wink wink nudge nudge'. When you say oh no don't think like that, then they say 'oh sorry I didn’t realise you were gay.....'
being gay is super fab, but if it's not accurate everyone’s just messing with you. I can make skirts as a guy without breaching a set gender role criteria, obviously.

7 years of study and a great degree with Hons can be reduced to a joke in the pub. You know it does make you feel subconscious even though you were just fascinated in real things that you can learn till degree level.
I’m a bit older now, wiser, I hope, any questions about how these skirts are too short save it, they are everything you are about to say and more some.              
Click the button that says portfolio, on this site, I did myself recently to remind myself of what works; sometimes its good to look again,  i see the question of  legitimacy would be really hard to debate. only a passion for fashion would make that many skirts.

Digital Age Bonus:
Google Search term stripper skirts, is super logical.
Imagine you had a dream that when you typed  'buy skirts' into google your website would be in the first 20 google pages. It's not going to happen. for a solo designer without advertising just hacking and making sure google loves my HTML etc,  to cut a long story short H&M don’t sell stripper skirts... nobody is spending millions of dollars to sponsor that search term.

Any questions feel free to message me. I hope I have exactly the skirt of your dreams if not let me know how I can help reach as close as we can. I really don’t mind adding things and I definitely want to chat about waist size so I can tailor your skirt to fit you. Only too happy to help.

One last note: the skirts do not have the words stripper skirt written on them in any way, so don’t worry they won't blow your cover. x


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