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Stickers 2019:
Season 10 and 11

  I Donald Keyland am very proud to bring you an extensive amount of work in an underrated format, with the brand new look Albatross road season 10/11.
A complete sticker overhaul happened early 2019 as it does most years.
Albatross Road -this year, bringing street art and some really serious UK ecology issues bang in the face of the public.
Protest sticker edition, maybe.... but the 42 stickers mostly covering issues that really shouldn't need to be addressed e.g.: don't kill 67 thousand badgers, e.g.: don't kill 170 thousand birds... but here we are.
It is quite hard to change the world, yet if you do try, maybe you should start with your own back garden.

You can download Albatross woods badger sett series 10 and 11, for free here.

There are 42 of them, for 2019 over 2 pages.
Maybe you work in an office and have a lazer printer and labels like this hanging around.
<21 per page Avery L7160 example >



i'm not sure when i started animating my stickers.. but i remember i had an animated badger contact button on my myspace.
Aaaahhh myspace days, the first time i ever wrote html.

If you copy the address in the box below the gif,
you can post them to facebook or use them for what ever you want them, non commercial, public domain.

Various older stickers

Sticker history

'Albatross woods' is written and illustrated by Don Keyland and features the every day, familiar common woodland animals we share our semi urban areas with. To date the series appears in stickers, animated gif and short animations.

The originally plan back in 2007,  was to not have just 1 sticker reprinted a million times, like everybody else, how could i personally stick to 1 coined design concept?
One factory multiple printed sticker, being the standard conclusion to a making stickers brief. That format works well in guerilla advertising but my stickers were never a business card and always a medium for my illustrative art avenue.

The first part of the plan was always concentrated on doing something different.
The next part was to print as many as i could afford to print at a time, with the ability to be responsive, possibly spontaneous to current events. Waiting for the commercial printers just didn't answer what i set out to achieve.

21 stickers per page for me has the best window size for a story, truth be told it was the best available option, in my local art shop at the time. A box of 100 regularly available a4 sheets 'Avery' standard size but made by a cheaper third party  (21 x 100 =2 thousand 100 stickers per £10 box) and now a classic trend that hasn't changed since sticker 1, even though there has been options. This was definitely a careful decided nod to continuity. If its not broke don’t fix what works.

I remember i printed loads of the first stickers and took them to a festival (one of the now legendary first Glade festivals.) I single handedly -totally obliterated a box around the site....half a day later it rained.. because i had used my ink-jet printer, they were not waterproof, major under-sight the thousands of images just washed away. Disappointed i went home and started saving over months for a colour laser printer, it was akin to my holy grail for at least half a year.

A bit more time went by and I eventually did have my affordable, waterproof stickers and was changing and adding to my growing sticker file i could choose to print. A lot went on the street, but a whole lot went to the illegal London rave scene and after-parties. For every party i went to (2 a week for a time i was a stage manager). It was brilliant, if a current trend came out i could make a sticker about it and take those to the next party, where people were actually interested in what i had come up with next.... my new stickers were as planned as my outfits.  In the beginning i only had a few stickers multiplied on each sheet, but over time that grew until i had a collection and the multiples became fewer and fewer, it was about this time 'badger stickers' became the collective noun for my format as ' my badger' was popping up a lot. It made sense as it meant i could call them a sticker sett, like the place badgers live. There were 200 different stickers at one point.

The first hint at protest came in the 2012 announcement to cull our ancient woodland friend, the humble badger. For me 'badger' became a a vehicle of awareness to the UK badger cull(murders) in the first British Bovine Tuberculosis epidemic of 2013 and subsequent pointless culls, there after.
I normally talked to people i stickered so the badger conversation and their mistreatment was part of my explanation routine.
By the end of 2013 5000 real badgers were disgustingly culled with no data at all gleamed from this exercise... so the gov went on to kill more and more each year after.
It was about this time albatross Rd became a development in the evolution of the stickers.

There has been many rewrites and re-organisations, before the concept of season 1 -started,  the theme of woodland animals of the UK became more refined and rule like ..... i axed several elephants and a crocodile for instance for genre dogma  purity.

Public: So what was the point?

Me: wow that’s a bit brutal, but i can see if we get down to the nitty gritty, i didn’t stop 67 thousands badgers from being culled.

I know i have got through at least 75 boxes or more of stickers and verified in more than 36 countries, when friends told me they took my stickers to these places.
For example I didn't even know where French Caledonia was, a true indication that my stickers have travelled to places i haven't even heard of.
If you go and stick a sticker on someone, that’s a really raw and accessible form of art i like that, giving art concept.
If you stick a sticker on street furniture, it is art on the street, if your sticker has a smiley face, you will most likely make someone smile.... that’s pretty powerful magic and the exploration of the spells you can cast, i find quite fascinating.
More complicated spells, can achieve the relaying of a piece of information that informs people at random of things they possibly didn’t know before....  that's really powerful. I like that too.

The question what was the point can be applied to why keep breathing... but we do.


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