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The Band 'Culture Club'..... Karma chameleon ....

during that time in the 80's.... there was lots of culture,

it was left over from the hippy 70's and the swinging sixties' which had only just recovered from 50's Elvis. Many have suggested the 80's was a peak of a 'golden age of culture'.... many of us on earth today have lived through.

Culture Club Karma Chameleon

Culture has recordably been on the decline ever since. The reason for this is that culture is spontaneous and alive and sales figures rely on predictablity controlled as much as possible. We could date this decline of culture post '91 and it has a readable data dialogue.

-The music becomes shit
-The Clothes try to hard

In this time '91 to present day, new idea don't seem to exsist anymore, just reinvention of previous ideas. To predictive repetition, risks become risky, too risky to try.

Sex Pistols Sid hits guy with Guitar

If you read literature you would be forgiven for thinking the Greeks invented culture. Like most things in life we find lots of evidence, they just copied and adapted elements directly from the Egyyprians who in turn are as likely to have copied it from a previous civilization, as much as invented it from scratch.

Here we see an Egyptian pillar, just like the Greeks Civilization are famous for making.

Fashion... is an important form of culture... Primark and other multinational companies that make clothes for profit above work efic's within the is not fashion
Well i did a degree in fashion... i know all about it... art buying through
out the centuries.... thats been a culture.... 1 sec borrr yawn... you
want to here about the sexpistols
.. Motown... we have music culture.... Product... but the artists not the
sellers own the rights.

Music culture is how us in mass express we like that kind of stuff... it
makes us feel part of a crowd.... how you choose your crowd is up to
you... this is what we refer to as the word culture... high culture.. that
includes ballet and opera... why.. who knows it is what it is, the origional classic art forms
the inevitable question... i am an individual... not a sheep. x
When did culture start? Good question.... thats how to think... now

culture started ... way back when... people decided it was better to

communicate with others... and form societies... a society is say... 3 sheds parked together with 3
people living in them... all part of the civilization... yes just like the
computer game civilization 5....we know today on earth. Oh but but..
you want to know when it started.. well yes in Mesopotamia 9000 years
ago i say, the Sumerian..... if you watch the film ghost busters..... well
this film.. then// ZOOL and GOZER who are they? apparently an ancient
Sumerian GOD.. are you a god, then die////

you know this line in
the movie.... so anyhows.. i did my research on ancient Sumeria.. to find if i could find this ancient ///////Sumerian GOD zool, they speak off.. turns out no... but i did find the Gods they were talking about... the original story in history is written... as ghostbusters suggests... in the legends of Sumeria...... Anyhows no trace of real culture in any were before this... the VADA's 9000 BCE i would like to point out as well .... the Indus valley... these dates historians tell you... well they made that bit up... you can put them at different dates, if your research suggests it to be correct... MATHS! love peace 1 <3

Indus Valley Civilization: Crash Course World History
Mesopotamia: Crash Course World History

when i first started to look at culture for an explanation when the grumpy old
teacher couldn't explain.... i watched this movie... TOMMY by the who....
1970's Britain was a very different place to the population explosion we see
today... NIKE shoes... PRIMARK all this is fake culture... there use to be
elegance in Gucci... Jean Paul gautier was running tings in Paris fashion week,
he has a diffusion line for poor people called D squared he made euro trash,
an explosion of 90s culture ... not yet,... but soon

Tommy The Who Ken Russell 1975

Jimmy HENDRIX you pick up a guitar... you say play like Hendrix...
Jimi Hendrix Sets Guitar On Fire at Monterey Pop Festival 1967


why.. coz he ruled it... when.. why? culture ... do your own digging. Is what
it is... Crypto DONKOLOGY.... jimi ELVIS ... well hell yeah Elvis started teen
culture.... thats the grappling hook society has learn't to exploit... but they
sell it so short... they cut the artists out of the pay check... with their
banking..... whats being human really... well you are an animal on a planet..
thats what it breaks down to... so yeah i got it sussed .... culture what you
want to know.. ill answer your questions in comments. x 
One sec we didn't cover the DOORS.

Jim Morrison right... well he said... its true too, the answer anyone asks
when listening to the doors... did he just say that... yes JIM did,.... the
doors were there 4 real......the doors of perception..... thats what William
Blake the 17th century artist
thats what he was all about and he can be
found in history.... wow.. how culture links up so nice.... explained well
donkey sir.

THE DOORS (Documentary)

The Doors (1991) - Oliver Stone - Trailer

When i was growing up... this was on the radio.... i'm sorry they killed
culture from you, little yute of the new world... but we will probably allow it
back into society at some point.... this is how the universe ticks.... cant
deny fate of trend.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

America got some culture.... but you know.. UK invented it... is not Americas
fault... the good people need to be in control of the machine.. one day.. i
hope this will come true.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power 1989


Style wars Was the first Graffiti movie.. the guide book to what Graffiti
actually is and where it was invented... however people have been carving
their name on tree stumps since 4 eva.

i like graffiti u like graffiti we all like graf .. this is a culture.... you think
BANKSY is graffiti... nope banksy is a company... theres not 1 guy but loads
of guys all signing under 1 name.... project tomato... thats culture you can
read about in books ... 90s design teams... your all fooled... but hey ho who
cares at least we changed art....us together as anyone who ever scratched
their name on a desk.


Questions? jot them down in a comment ill answer sensible ones if i can be
bothered lol xx bless anyone that read this far.. you stars. x
Read the book class of 88 ... i studied this shit man.. i'm not lying to you
blud,,, truth. and it all ends happily ever after.. more culture more happy
people.. better society...
Robert DE NERO


Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire: Nero


NERO the roman top dude.... he spent all the money of Rome on art.Check
him out thats some culture.... don't forget..... The GOTHS BEAT Rome!...
GOTHS win<3

so why is Robert deniro famous...... now you see the riddle.

you are the star child no man or women as the Egyptians suggest is more
equal..... but style defines.
this is culture...
NOW where all up to speed. Thets make more culture can we?
are you doing everything you can? ... just say yes. and the computer is
To be honest Alexandra McQueen once called me a cunt, click for evidence...
. but hey he did have an amazing life... his culture spread the whole world..
. good role model.. I thought he was a nob... before he killed himself...
now.. i think hes wicked.. fash culture changes, through which lens you look
through. ALEXANDRER MQUEEN WAS FASH GOD for one point in history...
culture... it rocks... not since Vivienne Westwood, had they heard Culture
like that. She does deserve to tip her hat to the late great Malcolm Mclaren.

Who killed Bambi - tenpole tudor, from the sex pistols film
The great Rock and Roll Swindle.

though... HOT STUFF!!.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 1999

3D holographic pyramid Fashion Show 2006 Kate Moss
Shown at Paris Fashion week Fashion

Which brings us on to the culture of robotics... which we live in now.. thanks
apple... xy z.... they are the coordinance you use to plot things ... all machines
understand this code... x is a cross.... horizontal is the line of the walls.... z
is space... just like in an ed-209 in robocop....

xyzCoordinate System (Cartesian Plane)

The Smashing Pumpkins - XYU

culture is there to teach us of the limits of human control.... on the
universe... we are no more than an animal species.... butterfly's
communicate too..  

The golden number... thats the question you want to ask me now.

Monarch Butterflies Migration
The Fibonacci Sequence

Believe it or not.... culture can be explained in the pyramid code... the end..
. thanks for watching donkey TV ... leave a comment if you picked up on
anything i said... 1 love <3

I have a historian friend... an old gentlemen one of the old gang... he will
confirm ... my archaeological dig on culture... to the best of his ability. TRUE STORY BRO.

print worthy. Don't believe the hype some people like Pepsi just blagging.. Coca cola was
the original soft drink so what, mc donalds KFC unhealthy food... grow
organic. SAY NO To SOYA = MONSANTO the bee killers and MC Donalds he
was not even a real clown .

Stephen King- IT

Fake culture demand a refund... install real culture now!
Right now the culture is say no to FRACKING! thats what Queen Vivienne
Westwood says. Click link follow trail... become your own boss, your vote
counts.. bring culture back.


this what i'm talking about. This is how culture has now built into the
what scientist call the
Paradigm shift
yes we have got this far... so push the card.
The wave of the conscious mankind awakes just like in the dark crystal.. enlightenment is within our possibilities.. as a species...to bring consciousness
together... and evolve...
just like Jim Hensons the DARK CRYSTAL....= the movie hyper linked no
copyright infringement... Educational use. x
Darth VADA and the ancient VADIC scripts of India 9000 years ago star wars
yes same story bro

you really need to understand Andy WARHOL and his communications with Basquiat 1996 the film about Jean-Michel Basquiat

lesson on culture done for the day relax ... take a break you learn't alot.

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Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Sones - 1968



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