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Dinosaurs Are monsters.

If Dinosaur comes from the Greek for 'terrible Lizard' but now we find out dinosaurs had feathers, so weren't Lizards at all, so couldn't be called 'Terrible lizards' because lizards don't have feathers ... Did dinosaurs exist?

Weirdest Dinosaurs
Earth: Making of a super Planet.
Ancient Aliens, Aliens and Dinosaurs Full episode:

^. i find the TV show 'Ancient Aliens' to be like Wrestling:- WWF is fake ...however that doesn't mean all wrestling is fake.

After all it is actually an Olympic sport. We all know some Mexican wrestling is also real, it was a favorite Greek sport, In many cases 100% Real. Officially wrestling is the oldest martial art. that is how you should watch Ancient Aliens... trying to tell apart which bits are made up... and which bits deserve further investigation

Andre the giant vs Hulk hogan history


Andre the Giant was 7ft 4. Hulk Hogan at 6ft 7 looks like a baby next to him. Giantism is real

UFO Sightings Did Aliens Hunt & Kill Dinosaurs To Extinction?



In the time before Dinosaurs, there was one single huge continent, scientist call this continent


The world as it use to be. it wasn't till mid Jurassic that it all the pieces moved around through continental drift. the newly formed continents had different dinosaurs in the different places, not all dinosaurs were found on all continents. Infact surprisingly few. Theres a joke which explains this.. why don't Polar bears eat Penguins?
- Because Polar bears live in the north pole and Penguins live in the south pole... bear (lol)this in mind when thinking of dinosaurs...


The biggest dinosaur ever was Spinosaurus who grew to upto 18 metres tall.


Spinosaurus was stomping around eating fish in the Cretaceous period..the last Epoch of the Mega beasts. Thats right fish...Spinosaurus was the biggest carnivorous and he got that way eating fish.
Unfortunately for monster fans his crocodile like mouth although huge, may not of been able to exert as much pressure per square inch as a T-Rex, but its a little unfair to say that because we've never met one.


The Cretaceous period was the time period after the Jurassic...

Obviously everybody wants to know did the mighty Spinosaurus meet the smaller T-Rex? did they ever fight?

-thankfully the answer is probably yes!!! they did, but as they were mostly separated by oceans between land masses ... these bouts were few in special freak circumstances. However they possibly did occur.
We cant tell definitively, who would win in a rumble of the mega beasts. Both Dinosaurs have impressive fighting statistics.


its important to note the T-Rex first appeared in th Jurassic and didn't evolve further maybe a perfect killing machine?. The Spinosaurus evolved in the Cretaceous and as a result benefited from evolutionary upgrades.

If the Spinosaurus could keep the T-Rex, at arms length slashing with its lethal claws and put the T-Rex's head in its mouth at a distance, it would be the Spinosaurus that would win.
Yet if the Spinosaurus was pushed onto his back breaking the sail like fin fused to its spinal column, it would without a doubt kill the Spinosaurus instantly, which lends scientists to believe Spinosaurus spent most of its time in the water, not getting into land fights, much like its crocodile face suggests.
Most possibly the compact muscle of the T-Rex would lead a fight from a powerful charge, with the aim of gripping in with its powerful bite, wearing down its victim with dagger like teeth crunching into where ever it gripped onto wearing down its opponent with brute force.


^Fossil Remains of the curious Spinosaurus sail^

Monsters Resurrected - Biggest Killer Dino

Spinosaurus gets a film debut in Jurassic park 3 watch out for him.

Horizon The Mystery Of The Jurassic

Early Jurassic =lots of small Dinosaurs most the size of chickens....

By the late Jurassic period, all the cool, massive Dinosaur's like Tyrannosaurus Rex

So we must ask, what happened in the middle Jurassic that made the boring Dinosaurs great big super sized mega monsters?

What really happened in the mid Jurassic, No body really knows.

Dinosaurs Alive Presented by Michael Douglas no less. whoop whoop







so how do we know how old long ago Dinosaurs were around?


So carbon dating is the answer right?

Carbon dating....When someone says:~ millions of years ... the carbon dating machine, can only be a rough estimate... take a note of the date roughly, theres lots of problems with carbon dating.
The first is carbon dating machines haven't even been around 60 years. They were invented in the 1950's by a guy called Willard Libby.
Any claims they can test objects to 1000 years old is near impossible to verify. To put money on an object being a million years old is to put it simply, a very long shot bet.

St.George and the dragon

St George killed the last Dragon.

Everybody knows this historic story, from English history right?

There are stories of Dragons from all around the world.
Can it be merely coincidence, that identical stories would pop up, in many separated Civilisations around the world. Even from a time before dinosaurs were ever discovered, named or dug up, from countries as far away as China from England.
We are taught, Dinosaurs are real, Dragons are not real... If dragons were real wouldn't they just be a species of dinosaur ?

 Richard Owen First invented the word Dinosaur in 1842, to describe these things in the ground nobody had made a collective noun for until this date... Before this date the words Wrym, Dragon and Wyvrn are thought to be used to describe the occurrence of mysterious giant bones, found underground.

Dinosaur didn't die 65 millions years ago, they are still alive today - Documentary FULL

Man and Dinosaurs never met!?


The Khmer civilization once flourished in the Southeast Asian territory of Angkor in Cambodia. Hindu and Buddhist kings during the 8th through 13th centuries A.D. built majestic stone temples throughout the area including this one at Ta Prohm. In one of the ornate carvings is one of a Stegosaurus?

Humans hunting Dinosaurs: There is lots of evidence that primitive humans spent allot of time hunting mammoths to and beyond the point of extinction. Mammoths and Saber Tooth Tigers are catagorised as Dinosaurs of the Pleistocene epoch.
Depending on how long humans have actually been on earth determines what other Dinosaurs they managed to battle.

So how did Dinosaurs get so big?

The most likely answer to this, was the atmosphere had less gravity. to grow bigger -cost less energy, to move and stand up, including pressure holding things down.
Another answer: There was more oxygen per cubic cm so everything was easier and richer, needing less breaths to operate bio systems, blood could travel further round the body and faster, with the ability to grow longer than buses.

Another answer would be.. earth was exactly the same as today, except meat eaters had so much food in abundance going hungry was hard to do... and herbivores just had so many plants around it was like veggie Christmas every day.

If we can benchmark humans for a second- the Romans were 5ft tall to 5ft 6. much smaller than todays humans at 5.6ft to 6.5 ft on average.
There is documented evidence humans, have been getting taller for the last 1000 years and presumably 10,000 years. You can see this in practice, if you visit a Tudor house from 500 years ago. The door ways are very low, so low the average person has to stoop down to get through.
Over millions of years of human evolution it could be hypothesised we will also increase in size to what limits, we can only speculate.




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