Triceratops is not a Dinosaur. It's a juvenile version of a Torosaurus

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Binomial name(s): Triceratops horridus
Maximum known size: 29 feet, six inches, basically smaller than any Torosaur found.
Lived when: Late Cretaceous Period, 68–65 Ma
Classification: Order: Ornithischia; Infraorder: Ceratopsia;
Family: Ceratopsidae; Tribe: Triceratopsini; Genus: Triceratops
Habitat: Land
Diet: Herbivorous
found by: O.C.Marsh 1889

In 2010 a 10 year study by two Paleontologists, found the skull of a triceratops changes as it got older.


When they first discovered and named the mega beast, they didnt have alot of fossil evidence. However they have had 100 years to sort it out and low and behold a triceretops isnt a species its a juvenile Torosaur.
the spines on the frill on the crest of the Triceratops, was only present in babies and the very young ones. Scientists believe the spines slowly desolve as the crest on the skull grows For reasons we dont 2 holes appear in the crest??
What the two holes there... ?

Triceratops is not a Dinosaur just like a calf is not a cow but its still a bovine as a species... pheef that sounds like a tounge twister.. but it does make sense... the Triceretops was not a species of dinisaur.

Whats interesting is in 2014, there is still no clear rename, for this considerable mistake.. some experts say Triceratops was found first, so that should become the defining species...
Or remove Triceratops from records by demotion, because old learning is once again again proved totally wrong!

From the late Cretaceous period, about 68 million years ago in what is now North America.









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