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What is the difference between a Dinosaur and a Dragon? why is one real and one mythological? Could some Dinosaurs, we have already discovered, infact be Dragons?

So English legend goes...saint George, who has his own holiday as a mark of how important he is to England, killed the last dragon, our ancestors tell us this story so loud, engraining st georges day, the man who killed the last dragon.
We presume its a myth, a folk law, but could there be some truth behind this and are there other examples in history.
The Chinese share our stories of dragons, along with most of asia... split between continents thousands of years before the internet and telephones, before ideas traversed all boarders, we share the same pythical creatures. Maybe just a coincidence.
St.George and the dragon

St George killed the last Dragon.

Most people are familiar with this historic story, so why do we have trouble excepting dragons as real?

There are stories of Dragons from all around the world.
Can it be merely coincidence, that identical stories would pop up, in many separated Civilisations around the world. Even from a time before the word dinosaur was invented or fossil remains of large land beasts were discovered, catogorised, named or dug up.
As children, we are taught, Dinosaurs are real, Dragons are not fake...
But is it not possible dragons were just a species of dinosaur ?








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