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History of Britain:
Life Before the Romans
BBC Documentary

A History of Britain -
1 - Beginnings -
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History of Britain:
Rise and Fall of the Druids


Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day [with years]
Extremely approximate on the years.

Before the Dirty Romans

The St georges Cross and the Knights templar

*Before the romans There was already Stone Henge. Peeps were doing stuff in England, lots of stuff.
The cave Chedar Gourge was a copper age working mine, exporting goods by boat, to far off places.
*The monolythic rocks of stone henge.. you couldnt lift them, some of them are 4 tons each.
it has been proven by geoligists that the rock we can not accuratly say how they got there and why?

Anyhows .....Everyone here used to be Pagan, before the Romans came.
There was this one lady Bodaccea one day she united the tribes coz she had, had enough of the bastard Romans .....
its a long gruesome story, which i will spare you the details of, safe to say the icini her tribe and others just couldnt take it anymore, so they tooled up and marched on the romans. Bodacia was said to be riding a charriot with sythes on the wheels straight into the massive battle... in the end the people of Britain won .. but the romans came back later and won the second battle, in a most sneaky way.. Anyways its figures like this enbedded in our folk law, that create the legend of Britania. Before Bodacia there was no unity in britain.
Self contained tribal life, use to be the way...

*Scotland.. the Romans built a wall to keep the scottish up there, Hadrians Wall, they were uncontrolable... this is Brave Heart the movie. Sean Conary is well good.
Wales... Wales well Welsh is a language, Irish is a langauge and Scottish is a langauge.. they are
seperate countries that make up the UK = United kingdom other wise known as Britain or Blighty.
England is the bit without Scotland Wales Ireland attached.. thus a continent.

There are 4 Places in the tiny continent of Britain Ireland definitely broke off the main land at same time in history durring the peak of continental drift most probably (mid jurrasic) just as england had seperated from europe.
For anyone english and interested... the st georges cross... ENGLAND... so was st george a knights templar....who also use that logo around the time, i believe the answer is yes... the red and white means nothing more than white made dirty by blood.... its a war flag make no mistake....red to scare your enimies u mean business i suggest we evolve and change the red and release the country from the barbarians, i suggest pink but hey maybe green would be nice







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