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Moon-landing was faked

Flat earthists are everywhere these days.
from Tila Tequila, to B.O.B The subject is main stream, the new conspiracy buzz word, it's trending... but why?

Some Flat Earthers seem to make some good points. But are let down by some a dumb few, that are easy to shout down.
But does That mean the Flat earth theory is all bollocks?
Well .....

It is curious, time and time again TV Show Scientists only
answer the dumb questions, replacing logic with ridicule. Its when one may ask, are they hiding the truth, or are they just brain washed by science faith?

Before Science, Alchemy use to be a thing, alas it was proved to be made up and nonsense.

What is also curious about flat earth, is why it gets people so angry, they get real mad like when you tell them, the easter bunny is'nt real.
for that pointalone, humour the topic and look into it in more depth right here. you may take a new look from neutral eyes.

1). The answers are in plain sight.

Yes flat Earthers sound crazy, but they always say the clues to the answer is in plain sight.
If you look at the flag for the United Nations, It could be observed it portrays not the globe we are familiar with but a flat Earth. This is a perfectly reasonable and valid point to make?

For some reading this they are already furious...

2). Space pictures are mainly CGI lies.

This answer makes people angry also. Its because you are questioning the sci-fi dreams of treck'ies. But thats not your problem. What is your problem is the increasing populous of Earth are fed infomation which has been altered doctored and edited yet labeled as actual footage.
It should be no more exceptable than a GMO chicken- labeled as an organic potato.
If they landed on the moon and also landed on Mars, how comes they landed in the most boring places ever?
If it did happen you can bet they photoshopped out any good stuff.
Which could be a clue that space travel happens in a studio.


3). The Dark side of the moon

The Dark side of the moon is the side that points to the sun.
The dark side of the moon has more craters.... which doesnt give us much faith in the fact its spinning, or round? is it a disc moon theory? Some say yes.

We are taught that the moon is 238,900 miles from the Earth and 91.34 million miles from the sun.
The moons illuminated side, the side we see at night, is lit up by the reflection from the Earth.... when its dark.
Let us remind you of dark.... if you walked into a field in the dark, you wont be able to see anything except the moon which aparently is lit by the Earth 238,900 miles away yet you cant find yourself out of the field when you are in the middle of the light source, because you cant see anything its dark.

The answer we are programmed as children with,
is that the moon is always there and the sun emerses it with light because its so small, so we can only see the moon when the sun sets.
Although this is logically excptable to comprehend, could there be another more logical answer?
Is it not worth thinking about, without relying on what we are programmed to think? especially taking NASA CGI as evidence.

The strangest point, the one worth investigating, is that we always see the same side of the moon, no matter where we are on the planet .
We are taught the moon takes 1 day to rotate 360° on its axis with the Earth taking one day also and this is why we never see what is known as the
'dark side of the moon.' because thats the time of rotation in the day time, then disco back in place, at work on time every single night throughout the history of time.

# Theres alot of info on the phases of the moon using a flat earth model which are far easier to comprehend than the ball Earth model we are taught in school.
Because phases of the moon takes alot of intricacy to explain, we are going to skip that bit here, but if you are interested, please google.

4). The Earth is spinning at 1000 miles an hour.

The Earth is spinning at 1000 miles an hour. Yet the water in the oceans does not collect at the sides, in the direction it is spinning, like it does in all scalable models. No Soul on Earth seem to notice the rotation and although the speed of sound is 768 mph which creates a sonic boom, all we hear is tranquility and can focus on objects in the sky.
Well it is odd isnt it? Is it so rediculous to look into these things in a direction other than what we are taught?

5.) gravity

Gravity is important because it makes space maths possible... but if the eqaution for gravity is wrong, then space maths is Alchemy.

Could it not be said, an apple falls because it mass is heavier than air, the density of the air which is a gas that surrounds it.. Air resistance force.

6). The south pole explorers are Actors.

On the proposed flat earth model the outer ring is the south pole.

South Pole Explorations History:

1st. On January the 17th, 1912 Robert Falcon Scott and four other men reached the South Pole. On the return trip, Scott and his four companions all died of starvation and extreme cold.

2nd. US Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, with the assistance of his first pilot Bernt Balchen, became the first person to fly over the South Pole on November 29, 1928.

(However, Admiral Byrd also claimed to have flown over the north pole in 1926, But there was controversy if he actually did it. In 1958 Norwegian-American aviator and explorer Bernt Balchen cast doubt on Byrd's claim on the basis of his knowledge of the airplane's speed. In 1971 Balchen speculated that Byrd had simply circled aimlessly while out of sight of land. )



7). Did anybody actually check really though?

There are tests that anyone can perform to know for sure, that the Earth is Marble shaped, The problem is 99.9% of people didn't do them themselves, relying on faith.


But there is one bit of information we need to consider way before excepting this Flat earth as fact.

If the entire circumference of the earth was the north pole, that would be more ice mass than land mass.
This massive ice habitat would be ideal penguin environment.... yet there are only 3.79 million penguins. In contrast there are
8 billion humans that have expanded into every reach of our habitable environment.
How can this be possible, that Penguins haven't done the same?

The Penguin has been on earth for 60 million years. Humans have been here allot less time than that by even the most broad conspiracy theory, by conventional knowledge, 200,000 years.

A critical thinker may say, 'well this is simple to answer, the Polar bears ate all the penguins.'
The answer to this perfectly reasonable question, I once read on the back of a penguin bar wrapper.
Polar bears don't eat penguins because polar bears live in the North pole and Penguins live in the south pole/outer earth circle.

Which poses the question, 'well how about the seals ate all the Penguins then?' Which repeats the process of thought.... if seals were the dominant land to sea creature, there also will be many more than there are and killer whales wouldn't be able to catch them all due to the nature of a seals escape route.

The End



The videos bellow represent some Good questions. Dismissing the evidence without thinking about is is exactly why we use to think the world was flat in the dark ages. To dismiss the notion without processing
it is more dangerous than a flat earther.

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary

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