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Human kind

It would be a good place to start looking for successful humans with not so many retardations, around the early civilization sites, Predynastic. The Narmar Palette pictured above was found in lower Egypt in 1897's by James E. Quibell  and is a cartoon depicting an event in the 31st century BCE. The Egyptologist -Bob Brier has referred to the Narmer Palette as "the first historical document in the world"

Bellow is a list of all the successful Human sites of special interest.

wonders-of-the-worldFor some reason Gobekli Tepe isn't on the great wonder list, its probably not big enough although it certainly is old enough at 12000 BCE. Maybe its too old for the list.

Early man..

12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure
1200 years ago is before traditional Archeology would say we
'Umans invented the wheel. which is a great example of how
Traditional Archaeological thinking is ass.

Gobekli Tepe
12000 bce
Before the wheel


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After observing locals spear fishing, an orangutan in Borneo was photographed using his own spear to catch passing fish.
Why are humans the only evolved Apes around today with iphones?


It is believed some time around the mid Jurassic period something happened. What we do know is all of a sudden there were bigger and bigger dinosaurs. Also the world broke up and groups of species got trapped on islands, a T-Rex never fought a Spiniosaur because they had no land bridge to get to each other, (unfortunately.) People came later than the splitting up of the large landmass Pangaea, but all the countries where not where they are today, due to of continental drift blah blah and tectonic plates.


People through the ages especially modern Greece till today, have tried to explain the phenomenon
we call humans. In truth nobody really knows... Darwin came as close as most, he explained animal evolution which seems to fit precisely.... however when it comes to Humans evolution, his theory has had 150 years to find the missing link between men and apes, which simply hasn't been found yet... maybe after 1000 years we will say, that he was wrong.. how long are we meant to wait for the missing link, not to show up, before its embarrassing? Maybe now its time to re examine the facts, take a look at the evidence, because the truth is all there ready to be decoded and what you think you know, really doesn't stand as firmly as the chunky new evidence of something else happened.



Did all the Dinosaurs on all the land masses die out completely though? How is that even possible.?

So Mankind appeared in all different pigments, around the time of
the last ice age thaw out 12000-10000 BCE. Where 'Umans came from nobody knows, except Africa originally. By the time of the great thaw humans were scattered about the globe, all set up to hunt the last of the Mammoth to extinction and bash the heads in of the last saber tooth tigers.

200,000 BCE .Maputo,
South African
Gold mining civilization

150 miles inland There is a site in South Africa, west of the port of Maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures approx 1500 square miles. It’s part of an even larger community that is approx 10,000 square miles. The construction date has been calculated at 160,000 to 200,000 BCE! There are a number of Gold mines on the site, which is odd because hunter gatherers shouldn't have enough time to dig up shiny rocks with no value

Neanderthal 2001 Full Documentary

Elaine Morgan: I believe we evolved from aquatic ape

Apparently the science says 70 000 years ago humans
left Africa. Thats all we know.
So if records began with the Domesday book 1066...
that makes 69 thousand years up in the air
Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species?

Secret Discoveries of Early Man - FEATURE FILM


Svante Pääbo: DNA clues to our inner Neanderthal

A look at future A look at future Human evolution,
what we might look like and how we have already changed.
*according to the Sumerian kings list , the Suma people of Mesopetomia list their own history back 35,000 bce. The Egyptian had a simular list. The Sumerian kings list wasnt a single document by one crazy Aurthur or holy man, many copies of the list were found, which begs the question, was this a fairy tale or documented evidence for the length of the Civilisation.
it is also interesting to hypothosis if the length of time in a day was the same?. Some of those kings seemed to live a long time. Maybe 35,000 years ago, the world span faster? as in the mid Jurrasic there was thought to be more atmosphere , to acount for Dinosaur size increase. Thats unlikely, but it would need checking

. (Click to enlarge)

im not sure humans rode on Dinosaurs though, its great to imagine they did, although equally disturbing is in 12000 bce Gobekli Tepe they didn't invent the wheel for over 6,000 years yet??? They must have done something. Why invent the wheel when you can catch a ride on your mates T-Rex?









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