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The humanzee

Is there truth Behind the myth or fairy tales that giants existed suported by evidence in history or present day?

a critical Analysis of :-
Humanzees ; Ape Human Hybrids (Documentary)


zana sounds HOT...lol thats my analysis for now....
basically Starling was making the film planet of the apes... and shit..
According to this documentary this half human half chimp use to carry flour to the mill coz she was well strong... she was buff and a few of the local lads went out with her kissing led to sexy time etc... and stuff? lol thats what it says.


The Humanoid Ape Creature known as the Orang Pendek
if you can not be bothered to go searching for monsters in the jungle.... don't worry, they already did for you..
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planet of the apes theory














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