leonardo devinvhi was a dick
Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo- da Vinci didn't do every-thing he said he did?

In the 1991 film 'Hudson Hawk' Leonardo's flying machine flew.
Unlike Reality, it was only a movie, It could never fly and never did.

The period of time named the Renaissance, was where Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th of April 1452.  Leonardo was most probably born in a farmhouse in Anchiano, which is 3 km away from Vinci. As an illegitimate son he was born a bastard. 
The father of Leonardo da Vinci, 'Ser Piero', was a 25 years old public notary, at the time when Leonardo was born. In the same year when Leonardo was born Ser Piero married his first wife. He didn't marry Leonardo's mother, because it is expected she was the daughter of a farmer. The mother of Leonardo was called Catarina. Her first name is all that we know today. As a bastard he was forbidden to learn Greek or Latin. Born near Vinci his name means the basic of all basics he was Leonardo of Vinci.

His name to anyone he met was obviously perceived as basic. It stood out, like a beacon of undesired, reflecting common class shame, even more generic than if he was born a bakers son and named Leonardo de Baker.


Because the boy was illegitimate, the guild of magistrates and notaries would not accept him, nor would he be allowed to attend the university.
As a young boy he apparently, appeared to show a definite talent for drawing. So he was pushed into an apprentice-ship, some time between the age of fifteen to, eighteen, to the artist Andrea di Cione, known as Verrocchio- (which means "true eye") at his studio in Florence.

There is sufficient evidence Leonardo was a frequent visitor to various high class prostitutes.

He was so proud of his kinky side, he is on record as bragging about in a cultural way by painting them.

The evidence for this is clear in his most famous painting the 'Mona Lisa'. Which has been famous in every century since it was painted.


He was gay

to not appear gay.

He was ugly
no one would fuck him.

In middle-ages Italy, homosexuality was a blasphemous offence under God, with the penalty for homosexuality, if caught being death.
Evidently It would be in the interests of the gay man of the times to be seen frequenting prostitutes as a rousse.

Fifteen hundreds, Florence, had a big gay scene behind closed doors, but wasn't a gay friendly city on the outside. The law didn't stop it happening, we find evidence all over to support this, it wasn't something people didn't do, just like today, people of all sexes fall in love or just pursue their kind of fun.
In 1476 during Leonardo's apprentice days. At the age of 25, the worst thing did happen. Leonardo was caught in a homosexual act and was sentenced to await his trial.

Mona Lisa was a known prostitute

Leonardo the young man, narrowly, escaped execution and was subsequently released.
There is evidence to support, the farther of the guy he was caught being intimate with, was a noble, so subsequently pulled some diplomatic strings to get the pair released, a narrow escape for the young Leonardo with such an illustrious bright future.

Again this may be weight to add to the reasons for the notoriety of the 'Mona Lisa'. The link apparent in absence, that painting a picture of a known prostitute would give him cover and allow him to hide his true homosexual preferences in the shadows.

There is surprisingly little evidence that Leonardo did all his own work and is entirely possible he was literally a cheating bastard.
There is surprisingly good evidence, some may say more evidence, that most of the pieces he made were done by his team of apprentices in his factory, even down to inaccuracies in the consistency of the Leonardo signature.

Andy Warhol had a factory to produce some of his best work


Andy Warhol set up an example of the Factory system in the 1960's, when he produced prolific screen printed along with other packaged expressions, like his body of work on 'oxo' and 4 colour Marlyn Monroe.
He was known as to have once turned to his servants and was heard saying "did anything get done today"
The point was the factory staff were made up of young artists and interns work experience and apprentices. All he had to do was sign the pieces, made under his factory that he liked.
The whole world was fine with this. Theres very little written about how Art as a conceptualised personal experience, was disjointed by the removed, and the magic of Andy's signature alone, was enough for societies normalisation radar to not care if he did it, or not, as long as it came from his stable.

Leonardo Da Vinci is suspected of conforming to this style of 'in house' production. Probably till long after he was dead.

We can find another example within, Alexandra McQueen.
Alexander McQueen (born 17th of March 1969 – died 11th of February 2010) is still making clothes... how is this possible?...
ANSWER: Alexandra McQueen is now a brand... the same factory system

... Alexander McQueen doesn't sit there as a reanimated ghouly corpse, sewing and designing all day...
Even when he was alive he probably did very little, as he has a whole design team, a pattern cutting floor and marketing department.... Designers just don't sew:
Especially when they already dead! and as we can see it doesn't stop the names monetary worth, like a ghastly hook on past integrity.

Leonardo's work by the time he was renowned was mostly commissioned, bought and collected, by the very wealthy. primarily individual churches and nobles. To the average Human at the time the renaissance didn't happen, every day was grim, but to the elite the renaissance was a very real bubble of reality.

Religion was the POP MUSIC of its day....

Religion was the focus of the development of art ... and Art brand..... this is how the world worked during this period in history.

I find it of utmost importants, to acknowledge my own views at this point that none of Leonardo's helicopters actually worked. Along with all his flying machines. If you excuse my French, i personally find them to be nothing more than bullshit....
Leonardo did not invent the helicopter. a helicopter works... 
Leonardo's didn't.... many have recreated it, to exactly the same spec and high tech remodels, in modern history, they tried every conceivable alteration to no avail as the designs were far short of possible working to fly. We can conclude, not working = not a real invention.
Real helicopters = work. 

Documentary Leonardo Da Vinci The Man Who Wanted To
Know Everything BBC (not big black cocks... British
broadcasting corporation)
he was very lazy.. and his 'tank' didn't work..
Engineering an empire, Da Vinci's world
the END. 

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A list of Awesome
things he did:


he was a big fan of sacred geometry

he invented some weapons, because all famous inventors are famous for Death toll?

Wasn't as cool as William Blake

He was left handed

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