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Mermaids What we know:
There is aural tradition within our own culture of mermaids. Fact

1. Pirates actually did report about mermaids, not one of them but allot, it is entirely possible mermaids didn't want to be found 'then' and absolutely not 'now'.
maybe they have got better at hiding, but we are still next to useless at finding? We have explored 5% of the entire sea, there are allot of places still to hide.

Any mermaid story especially from official sources in the case we hear bellow, from the USA's,' NOAA' we understand: reporting the absolute truth without absolute proof is a journey into psychology its a big can of worms opened for no reason that maybe theres a reason.. Reset of the program like in the matrix films.

Where there ever mermaids? and why have we got webbed toes?

Theres are cave paintings which clearly look like
mermaids were found in a time long ago?

We have to remember the Sumerians lived on earth as a
civilization first and the Sumerians believed their god Enki
was half man half fish.

Do i personally feel there is truth in mermaid tails?

I feel there is evidence to support the question, 'Do mermaids exsist' and simply untill we have looked everywhere, we should keep an open mind, that without all the facts we can't pretend to know all the facts.
At one time either today in history or pre history, there were semi aqauitic humans and one day we may find evidence to support one way or another. There are traces of mermaid tales, way back since the begining of the human stories. Its unsure if there is proof to the time old tale. But there is eqaully no proof there isn't, except from the anti clue from N.O.AA



Are Mermaids Real?
In 2012 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA (USA)) , publicly closed the file on Mermaids.
Does this mean they found mermaids or not?
The USA Claim, Mermaids do NOT .....exist!
Government File Closed:

It would be apparent you can only really close a government file, A;when you have found the subject, or
B: when you have explored and mapped the entire ocean, by some kind of technology, we don't have yet.

Without conducting an intensive survey, it doesn't take a genius to work out, most of the people on earth don't believe mermaids exist. That wasn't the case for the first people (normally pirates) who wrote about their first encounters. Then other pirates saw them too, and probably eventually killed them of or they got wise to stay away from man. So why would people today still believe? the collective noun, 'people', have colonized the globe, owned the skies flying faster and faster every day. People, ride the waves on big, small, fast, trawling boats and peer beneath the tides with our submarines. we forget how big though 70% of the planets surface thats a fair old chunk designated to just Ocean.
NOAA's website declares 95% of the ocean has never been seen. In May 2012 'Mermaids: the Body found' was aired for the first time. Produced by Animal planet, centered around the experiences of former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists. Heres that Film documentary

Humans are the dominant species of the planet
Mermaids: The Body Found


Thank Neptune the TV network, 'Animal Planet' released a second documentary- 'Mermaids: The New Evidence' this documentary should add some more light onto the subject for mermaid believers and skeptics alike. The footage taken by Robertson in the Greenland Sea allegedly shows more mermaids. Surely this video is man-fish gold, to be honest, by now I'm convinced.

Mermaids: The New Evidence full episode (not available in the U.S.

Elaine Morgan didn't get on TED by telling lies she is a well respected voice in her subject area. Its quite correct to take the evidence i have presented here with a little more thought than simply disregarding mermaids as fables and legend. Is it possible mermaids with a prior history of conflict with man, have taken to their protective waters out of sight with no want to have a cup of tea with us.... is it possible and the answer is yes.

Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes TED:

Deep Sea Hunting Footage of Mermaid Caught on Camera

Cryptids: Mermaids - Tales and Legends

The History of Mermaids

why do dolphins help humans? is it possibly
because they recognize us
from our aquatic - 'counter parts'.




N.O.A.A. otherwise known as the:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Well those guys the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, issued their definitive report closing the USA's official case file on mermaids. Thats a statement within it self, first admitting that there was a file at all.... the fact is they closed the file, way back in 2012. ..... the END! But is that really true or a bluff?

Ancient Sumeria 8000-3000 BCE
Ancient cuneiform script tell the stories they depict not just once but many many examples that, their Gods came to earth as half man half fish.

The Sumerian History of Mankind Included a Great Creature Named Oannes The figurines came from Nineveh, that show the creature 1/2 fish 1/2 man Oannes.

Ancient cuneiform script tell the stories they depict not just once but many many examples that, their Gods came to earth as half man half fish.

but is-it though? are mermaids really not real? after all there has been reports of mermaids for hundreds of years. maybe even as far back as the stone age and through~all~of~recorded history we can find, clear repeatable, documented evidence of mermaids.

Clearly the cave painting evidence in the above and below pictures depict humans and mer'people as less than best mates. If our ancestors feuded or maybe hunted mermaids, clearly this would be enough reason why we don't see them, they simply do not wish to be found.

Did Humans Force Mermaids into Hiding?

The real tail end of the story is that in 1997 scientists from NOAA recorded a mysterious sound in the pacific ocean, they obviously found the source. So the good news is Mermaid, Mermen and mankind have made contact. To stop all the publicity and exploitation NOAA denied their existence so we can live in harmony, at least thats what my sources in the pentagon tell me.



No hybrid or hybrid experiments were ever reported.




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