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Why did pirates happen and who left all the booty ?

The first encounter the Spanish had with the late Post-classic Mayan civilization, happened in 1502.
By 1566 the Spanish were taking all the treasure from the ancient civilization back to Spain on a steady bus like service that lasted became the 'Spanish treasure fleet' between 1566 to 1790.

pirates comes from the Greek word peirates which literally means to attack!!




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Pirates happened BECAUSE .... the Spanish were taking all the gold they
found in south America... from the Mayan, .... this supported the Spanish
empire.... till the gold ran out... The Caribbean is next to America....

Don't worry all this fits snuggly with Christopher Columbus.

All nations were involved in pirating...

the English, were rather good at it and the Spanish were old enemies.
The first outpost taken by the British was Jamaica. port Royale.

The Dutch got involved and so did the french as there was good money in it...also the Portuguese

Although the Portuguese went to Brazil and Goa India while everybody else was

getting drunk on grog and didn't notice.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold:





When Blackbeard was caught and his head was cut off and hung from the mast, whilst his body was pushed over board, so the legend reads, his decapitated body swam 2 laps of the boat before sinking
Pirates stole treasure, of cause treasure is money, gold, Silver Gems pieces of eight... But did Pirates
steal information and sell it to the highest bidder as well?
well why not?

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