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Soya the evil cash crop.

You may or may not of seen the above contradicting memes on social media, it makes me mad as fuck excuse my french but The first truth is milk is the only stuff that works in coffee <3. For most parts, thats the end of the conversation. If its not and you have it with your cerial, bad luck buddy almost all your supermarket baught cerials contail soya and if you can't read it on the label it could still be labelled as vegetable oil.

Basic history:The domestication of soya can be traced to North east China in the 11th century BCE. Today China has become the largest importer of Americas number 1 cash crop, soya at present importing £3billion dollars worth PA.
A 60 pound bushel yields 11 pounds of oil and 48 pounds of meal. 80% of edible fats and oils in America comes from soya, it also goes into anything labeled vegtable oil, and stabalises choclate bars so the cocoa butter and choclate dont seperate whilst filling up very cheap mass and weight.
The soya bean itself is poisonous traditionally in the East, fermented to make it possible to consume.
As of 2007 91% of soya beans planted in the USA were Genetically engineered.

So soy is Amazing? well no far from it!

(Almost)Every single choclate bar on the shelf, every loaf of bread or flour based product, now contains soya, they even inject dead chickens with the stuff in the supermarkets to make them look less scrawny and add weight, you are forced to consume this stuff and suprisingly uncriminally almost all of you don't even know.
You may think im hyping this and Gouvernments would'nt allow unsafe, untested foods for massively mass consumption, theres vigorous tests to pass and such right?
-Well yes, but! smoking was tested when it was introduced and was thought to clear the lungs, it was only after time that the real health problems came about... but really its a whole lot darker than that. Monsanto one of the biggest seed banks by far with a board of directors which include Janice Fields former Mcdonalds president and Jon Moeller of Procter and gamble ... one second there, mrs mcdonald and a mr big Drugs run seeds with Mrs sarah lee to frozen package everything???
Well those guys blatantly lobby gouvernments and Obamas campaign run cost $985.7 m and he sure as chips aint getting a paper round.

Monsanto & Soya: The company has frannkenstiened the soya plant to be resistant to a pestacide/weed killer they produce called 'Round up' which includes Glyphosate(<link) this means farmers can spray the chemical on their crops and nuke everything in radius, yet the Soya crop survives.
Unfortunitly all farms drain somewhere, ever into the ground or into streams, so what were finding is that its not only the fields getting nuked but the surrounding areas.. Obviously if you want to plant another crop on the land the year after you can only plant soya or another monsanto 'Roundup' modified crop, because you just nuked your land so nothing will grow on it for upwards of 5 years at minimum . !
Another thing they have done is make the plants not produce any seeds. This means for every crop you sow, you then have to go back to monsanto to get more seeds every year, plus more roundup, trapping farmers around the world into a dependant customer.. the sneaky back handed bastards!


So hey were all going to die or mutate and survive phew ok thats the worst thats going to happen thats ok then right? wrong. As the demand for soya grows, South america and Brazil are chopping down forrests at an alarming rate, to make way for soya crops. The company targets these areas and sell there product all front end garantees everything will be ok, without fully educating the farmers on the real costs we descussed before. You see Soya crops also strip the life out of soil, theres been many cases where the trees come down, the first crops go in all fine but along comes a big rain and eventually the soil errsion is so bad the whole hill slides killing everyone in its path.

So firstly they are chopping down our oxygen supply to make room for the stuff, secondly direct environmental impact but thirdly possibly the worst, as they say in Jurassic park, Life will always find a way, these enhanced seeds will most possibly mutate into the great global ecosystem, contaminating and mutating in a way we certainly dont know the implications of or how to control all we know is its profitable.
You are the test subject it may kill you and you cant do a thing about it!

oh there is one thing you can do, your last hope, 'DON'T BUY PRODUCTS MADE FROM SOYA!. There are a few products out there and the products that are out there are gaining more strength and growing in numbers because customers like myself DON'T BUY SOYA!!



And after all this you may think hey i import my soy from Japan in such forms as Tempeh and Misso Natto, you cant tell me these are bad!?







The Discreditation of Milk:

When i was growing up, this advert was on the telle. Although i would'nt dream of drinking a pint of milk now how did we get from there to today?
Whats wrong with this meme?
Well for a start it doesnt give a volume of which the statistics are based. Is it per gallon or per tea spoon?

The second major point is even if these statistics which may represent the truth
are true, the statistics represent, the maximum allowable in America. The good news is europe and most of the rest of the world have far higher standards.

135 million pus cells:

2008, the Advertising Standards Authority stated that "to refer to the white blood cells naturally present in milk as 'pus' was misleading". All milk - including human breast milk - naturally contains somatic (white) cells, which are critical in fighting infection and ensuring good health.
Bovine Growth hormones, and antibiotic: Unfortunitely true and very bad. Granted.

Feces: Made to sound like they put milkers in cows bums right, well it may show up in tests, it may not, its shock tactics.
The rest is controversial. Controversial because from decade to decade science changes and as we find out more about the science of biology, we find out how little we know about biology.
The biggest problem with milk is most animal feeds are made from soya or sometimes worse.
Now im not saying milks good for you, i dont have that magic answer... i do however know, that old people drink milk eat potatos and peas and bread. Old people managed to get old... there are no old people that ate Gmo yet, so there seriously is no statistics in the world yet. yes you maybe able to provide statistics and figures to make my presentation sound retarded, but unless your statistics stand for over 10 years, your statistics are just a theory and not a law. What im saying is milk is'nt as evil as the funders of discrediting would make you believe. So Monsanto and other companies who spend millions converting public opinion have alot to gain from making stupid jpegs to 1 stripe thinkers.

'If you had to kill a chicken
everytime you visited kfc you
would probably eat less



Monsanto own an ever increasing share of stocks in Rice dream. By buying it, your making them rich.
when it says theres no added sugar theres a hefty glycemic load which is pretty much the same as drinking sugar water.
September 2012 the FDA revealed that arsenic was found in a wide variety of rice products and higher than safe limits.



when it says Enriched, with vitamins, what
they actually mean, is they battered out all the good stuff, in quick proccessing, so they had to add some good stuff.. like robbing 10
gold stars but returning two, misguiding you you feel great about.

All the products above when purchased, make Monsanto richer and more powerful.
With all this in concideration how bad was Milk-milk again?


So how did we get from hunter gatherers to
todays processed life style? while keeping
learning fun..

The aggricultural revolution



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