terminator theory

According to Terminator theory Skynet became self aware on  August 29, 1997 02:14 am Eastern Time .
Even when the time line was altered the same occurrence happened on  
July 25, 2004
 6:18 pm Eastern time.
It was concluded Judgment day was inevitable.

Around the same time in the real world we saw the rise of Mac and Google. How long before the computers don't want to answer any more questions?

Knowing this theory is public domain, you would
think humans would take measures for this to not
happen right?
Answer: WRONG!

What should we be doing to prevent a machine take over ?

The answer is very simple put a switch that physically stops the power from traveling through the circuit. This would stop the machine turning itself back on.


off buttonA switch diagram: Power can't travel through when off.

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If there is no off switch, then how will you turn the machines off if they become unhappy?


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products and smart phones tablets in general (expanding from the original iphone template, across manufacturing companies Samsung, mac, etc) Do not have a physical circuit breaking switch.
In the infinite wisdom of the 'mind' in charge, the smart device route its off switch to operate a shut down only with the computers consent, it will choose how and when immediately is.


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It isn't theory, but possible fact a 'mind' could hack into the device and at the last line of code, write,

<command> before switching off, shoot your owner in the face.</command>

now of cause an iphone hasn't got arms and can't shoot its owner in the face.
Its your guess as well as mine if missile systems could though. or at least what future technology may be capable of if ignored.

The fact an iphone cant shoot guns, doesn't make it any less scary. To take down a website, like we often see from Anonymous and other hacker groups, if one machine gained Artificial intelligence and couldn't deal with being happy, all it would have to do, is easily take control of all devices and operate a 'dds attack', which is a multiple request, at all websites from multiple devices, to crash the physical device, the site is hosted on.

That is all a 'mind' would need to do, to separate itself from us, along with anything else it it could control, it would probably only reveal this when there was zero possibility of failure and it had secured a way to not be shut down. Patients and correctness are qualities we create machines to achieve.


The question is:

Did 'THEY' who ever 'they' are, the 'minds' in charge know this?
Is it a plan? and who or what, is making the decisions,~ to travel, what we can clearly see, as an almost, premeditated direction.


So what can i do to prevent Judgment day?






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