Ancient aliened facts and stories:

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Jamie Donkey (Alien investigator) is the armchair representative for the United Kingdom Committee on alien contact through media.

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What makes our Alien investigation page
relevant in a sea of data?

Around the globe, news stories about extra terestrial are published on a daily basis.
Some of the reports are from credible sites, some less credible.

This all gets pretty confusing when you cant tell  whats fake news and what may have elements, of genuine alien evidence.

To filter the pages of interest from the pranks and fake news, would take an expert, it is for this reason 'Ancient Aliened with jamie donkey' exists, in the accessable format of a fb page.

We do genuinly believe in Aliens and believe by law of statistics, they can't all be false and as many believe, the evidence is in plain sight, yet we are conditioned blind to it.

The page attempts to deliver 2 points.
*aliens in the news.
*Evidence of aliens in our distant past.

I hope you tune in to our channel and continue to come back, say hello if you like, we always respond to messages and welcome you to post alien related posts on our wall.
We update daily and dont let any rubbish slip in, so you can rest assured, if it appears on our wall, its already been fact checked and maybe you are actually reading about real extra terestrial contact.
Not every story a sceptic may say, but a broken clock is still right twice a day.
As they say the truth is out there. JD

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