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if not, or if so please read on. has been online since 2001

Hello long term friends of the site and a very special welcome to new visitors, Let me be the first to welcome you to our website outside of facebook. Please give us a 'like' so you can always get back.
We truely value your support in views.

I hope you tune in to our channel and continue to in the future, we update daily and dont let any rubbish slip in, well unless its hilariously funny.

Ok so has been around since 2001 and back then it was all flash animations and games secret pages trials and mazes. Of cause that all stopped when flash player stopped being compatible with ipads,,, boo apple.

Later around 2010 ish, we started publishing emoticons , way before there was simply a button on your phone, this was the early days of emoticons before they were excepted. Basically this site blew up by a million and a half views. Obviously now theres even a button on facebook for emoticons. Boy if i had been more on it i would have adverts on my site during this time, but im a pretty laid back guy and didnt even realise all these visitors were happening, lol, this is why now there is a page hit counter on every page and adverts, finally lol.. sorry if the adverts annoy you, but people i expect are use to adverts by now and i found the 1's that just need 1 click to close, so as to not annoy you to much is the most grown up aproach.

So who runs this site? is it us or we?
Well Jamie Donkey and Donald Deyland are both Artists and the same person and i have a part time editor who isnt me, just to make sure things are proof read before sent on all major projects... not all the time, so if you see an error or a page doesnt work or a youtube video is no longer available, please feel free to help me out and i would really appreciate your message and also suggestions for what you do want to see.

Heres my top 4 hot links to sections i find most interesting on
Number 1 is obviously my writing about things in history which seem odd to me or darn right made up, but theres many mazes and always new things worth exploring the site for, including easter eggs. Really and truthfully when i find something worth creating, i do it, be assured if theres a new internet trend like gifs, memes, or emoticons before, we will be hosting it probably 2 years before anyone else even knows about it, so its always worth coming back.
1. Cryptodonkology
2. reverse upside down text generator
3. Dinosaur compendium
4. gif collection


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