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Welcome Social network people.

You may have noticed has become rather large as a website these last few years.. or if you are new you may of never heard of and ended up here completely by accident. In over 16 years of this site being up, we have had around 2 million views , truly, we thank you very much for your support and hope you enjoy it and its many hidden pages for years to come. We hope you also keep upto date on a daily basis on our fb page and my personal Alien investigation page. Its difficult to code you know and posting on fb is so quick , so as a communication platform to say 'hey were still here and here's some great news-feeds', like everyday give us a fb 'like' and always have a breadcrumb trail back to the best stuff, right from where i post all the great stuff, on my fb page walls. Of cause all the timeless classics are archiving on this site, that's why we have the best gif collection meme collection and the best cat meme collection, but not the largest, other sites do that and half of them are not funny, with too many the quality control gets compromised which we are not about. So that idea flows through all the rooms on this site which are all validated html5 pages which should work on any device, that's the coding isn't easy bit i mentioned earlier.. I hope you enjoy your visit we survive on clicks so feel free to give us as many clicks as you can, it all helps. so thanks ~JD

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