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Title: Dragon of Kreops Medium: Acrylic, Gloss black paint, varnish, spray paint on genuine discarded Ikea table dimensions: 120 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm depth

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Numbered and signed by the artist, Print version of the original artwork by DNKY.
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Print 3 DRAGON

I plan to take videos, to express, how the metallic, varnishes and gloss black paint refract light in a particularly spectacular way. I havn't yet.

Artist notes:

"I wonder what would happen if Don- painted a dragon, Well this would happen. The Ikea table-top for this one was particularly dragon proportions, It's slightly out of style to be in my portfolio, but I painted it mostly live on facebook, so many people found me because i made a dragon appear from nothing over many months. I tried to not be influenced by other peoples images of dragons, I'm fairly knowledgeable about monsters a wyvern doesn't have 4 legs, after watching the end of 'game of thrones' i was still shocked those dragons were fake 2 legged dragons, with the arms being the wings.. blatant wyverns... so this was the result of that. Of cause, there is a sky city and a nearby village, with sheep happy in the fields. The harmony makes it lovely... but i can't dictate what you see, maybe when you look, those sheep wont last long."

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Artwork Details

Artist: DNKY
Model:Found object Art
Dimensions:120 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm depth
Medium:Mixed media on ikea table top.
Time taken:6 months