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Title: Crypt number KV5 Medium: Acrylic, Gloss black paint, varnish, spray paint on genuine discarded Ikea table Dimensions: 90 cm x 55 cm x 5.5cm depth

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be sure to contact me to express, your desire for me to make you one.

I plan to take videos, to express, how the metallic, varnishes and gloss black paint refract light in a particularly spectacular way. I havn't yet.

Artist notes:

"There's a monster in krypt KV5. a really ferocious one, absolutely terrifying. it would pull any humanoids arms and legs off. It doesn't have teeth it has ghastly arms to drag its dinner directly into the abyss. The last person that said it looks like a pineapple upside-down was eaten. There is a gravelly texture infused in the creature's lips. There's more concentrated passion in this piece as it time to completion was shorter. This means its less pretty tesselations and more bite. I simply adore the avocado background and how that works with burnt orange."

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Artwork Details

Artist: DNKY
Model:Found object Art
Dimensions: 90 cm x 55 cm x 5.5cm depth depth
Medium:Mixed media on ikea table top.
Time taken:6 months