Plant Monster

Fine art original

Title: Plant Monster
Medium: Acrylic, Gloss black paint, varnish, spray paint on genuine discarded Ikea table
Dimensions: 90 cm x 55 cm x 4 cm depth


Unfortunately there are no prints of this painting yet.

be sure to contact me to express, your desire for me to make you one.

Artist notes:

"I started off with appealing lines hoping to tap into some beauty in symmetry, harmonic numbers and a few golden ones. that worked. Female people have always liked my flowers and i like more people liking my art. visually it was all in my Brief before i starting, proceed in your career by paint popular things, then sneak monsters into them. I painted this painting after KV11 so by this time, I have a few tricks."

Product Information


Artwork Details

Artist: DNKY
Model:Found object Art
Dimensions:90 cm x 60 cm x 350 mm depth.
Medium:Mixed media on ikea table top.
Time taken:6 months