Fine art original

Title: Crypt number KV62
Medium: Acrylic, Gloss black paint, varnish, spray paint on genuine discarded Ikea table
Dimensions: 77 cm x 50 cm x 3.5 cm depth

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Unfortunately there are no prints of this painting yet.

be sure to contact me to express, your desire for me to make you one.

I plan to take videos, to express, how the metallic, varnishes and gloss black paint refract light in a particularly spectacular way. I havn't yet.

Artist notes:

"Kv62 is a crazy crypt monster from the valley of the kings. It shows off the black gloss paint and varnishing techniques as a juxtaposition to the tonally pastel watercolours pallet, matt. Created with a brush and acrylic paint. This took me ages, it sat in various stages of creation, giving me a big mood for months, before the inevitable moment of harmony."

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Artwork Details

Artist: DNKY
Model:Found object Art
Dimensions: 77 cm x 50 cm x 3.5 cm depth
Medium:Mixed media on ikea table top.
Time taken:6 months