Fine art original

Title: Crypt number KV11
Medium: Acrylic, Gloss black paint, varnish, spray paint on genuine discarded Ikea table
Dimensions: 121 cm x 72 cm x 40 cm depth
Pictured: A Monster.

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Numbered and signed by the artist, Print version of the original artwork by DNKY.

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Artist notes:

"The monster in krypt number kv11, has an under title 'monster'. Its probably one of my best pieces, both scary and non-hostile. The cyclops cat looks so chill. Like all great art, he has a willy and seems to be in total harmony with his surroundings. Technically the varnish finishing effects were all learnt on this piece. I invented smearing black gloss paint till its so thin you can see through it, but still retains its reflective qualities to add to my tool kit of special powers. This is an object that refracts light differently depending on your angle of vision and how sunny it is. the reflective qualities are a picture in its self, the considered object as much as the 2d image."

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Artwork Details

Artist: DNKY
Model:Found object Art
Dimensions: 121 cm x 72 cm x 400 mm depth
Medium:Mixed media on ikea table top.
Time taken:6 months