skirt 2 DNKY size 6-12


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Color: Multi

£45 with free global delivery. Ethically and eco friendly skirt. Please watch my video to find out more.
I will tailor it to fit you, before i send, so please mail me your waist size here and have a little chat, so i can magic everything perfect..  feel free to order now chat later.

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Eco Skirts the movie

Please watch my video on what goes into one of my unique skirts.

Product Information

All my skirts use a fastening system which has been adapted over many years to be a really secure fit, There are never two skirts the same. When it comes to stitching, i am always very conscious to make pockets and other features in a way that should last forever; i stitch stress areas 8 times so you don't need to think of them once. design is important, a reputation for craftsmanship and function is never second place.

Product Details

Brand: DNKY
Model:skirt 2
Released on: 2018
Medium:Ethical Leather