Roman Emperors:

Julius Caesar was a bad man. He may of sorted Rome out, but he rose to the level of dictator which is definitely bad. He was eventually assassinated in 44bc.
On a Roman level Julius Caesar was awesome. He took control of the bickering politics and said right guys i won all these battles, i have a huge army, i beat the imminent threat to Rome just now, i'm in charge now.... and so Rome became a focused on conquer .... now that was Julius Caesar. But after that the next 5 emperors of Rome were also called Caesar also, till of cause as we know Nero burnt down Rome and made art, so after that the name Caesar was a well shit name. But big up Julius wasn't quite Alexander the Great although he was 1 bad man .

  • Augustus (31 Bc-Ad 14)

  • Tiberius (Ad 14-37)

  • Caligula (Ad 41-54)

  • Claudius (Ad 41-54)

  • Nero (Ad 54-68)

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