The War of the roses

White roses = Yorkists
Red Roses .= Lancastrians

Between 1455-1487 there were a few civil wars in England over the Crown. These wars were named 'the war of the roses'.It happened under henry the 6th.
The wars were between the reds and the whites.Roses. But wasn't called the war of the roses till the 16th century.
the name derives from a scene in the Shakespearean play 'Henry VI' part 1, where the two sides pick a different coloured rose at the temple church, in London.

St Albans Heath (1455)

Blore Heath (1459)

Northampton (1460)

Wakefield (1460)

Mortimer's Cross (1461)

St Albans (second battle 1461)

Towton (1461)

Hedgeley Moor (1464)

Hexham (1464)

Barnet (1471)

Tewkesbury (1471)

Boswell (1487)


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"A Boy Now Will Mention All The Horrible History Battles Till Bossworth"

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