SPELLING RULES: your / you're

  • your

  • Where has your leg gone?

  • Is That  your monster.

you're  you and are 'combination' called a contraction

  • Do you know what planet  you're from? - (you know because you are from there. )

  • You're a big idiot. (You are a big silly stupid idiot)

Hopefully now you will never forget with our top spelling tips.

Your is in a gang of words called the 'absolute possessives'. Other words in the gang are his, hers and ours,). No one in this gang use apostrophes. This rule is 100% true all the time.

Within formal writing contracted apostrophes should not be used,
I.e shouldn't ~ you're. This will benefit people that get the rule wrong as it leaves out the you're as an option and leaves you are or your as the only correct option.

your affect
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