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MEDIUM: Reclaimed Ikea table top mixed media & not only  
SIZE: 100cm x 60cm x 3.5cm
Enki was one of the most popular and influential gods in Mesopotamian mythology. His cult spread throughout the region and influenced other cultures as well. He was revered as a source of wisdom, creativity, healing, and fertility by many people. 
He was also seen as a protector of humanity and a friend of mankind

Enki was the god of water, knowledge, crafts, creation, and many other things. He was one of the Anunnaki, the group of gods who created the world and humanity. He was also known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian religion, and sometimes as Ia in Canaanite religion. His name means “Lord of the Earth” and his symbols are the fish and the goat, both signs of fertility. He was the son of Anu, the sky god, or Apsu, the primordial water god, depending on the source. His wife was Ninhursag, the goddess of the earth and motherhood, and his children included Marduk, the king of the gods, Ninkasi, the goddess of beer, and Ninti, the goddess of life. He was worshipped mainly in the city of Eridu, which was considered the first city ever built. 

Enki was a wise and benevolent god who helped humanity in many ways. He taught them how to cultivate crops, make tools, build cities, write laws, and practice magic. He also saved them from disasters such as floods and plagues. He often used his cunning and trickery to outsmart his enemies or his fellow gods. For example, he tricked Enlil, his brother and rival, into giving him the sacred me (pronounced “may”), which were tablets containing the secrets of civilization. He also tricked Anu into giving him control over the underworld. 

Enki was also a creative and artistic god who enjoyed music, poetry, and storytelling. He invented many things such as boats, plows, irrigation systems, and musical instruments. He also created many creatures such as humans, animals, plants, and monsters. One of his most famous creations was Adapa, a human sage who was so intelligent that he could understand the language of the gods. Enki gave him wisdom but not immortality, because he wanted to protect him from the wrath of Anu. However, when Anu invited Adapa to visit him in heaven, Enki advised him not to eat or drink anything there, fearing it might be poison. In fact, Anu offered him the bread and water of life, which would have made him immortal. Adapa refused them out of loyalty to Enki, and thus lost his chance to become a god himself

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