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TITLE: Hungry
MEDIUM: acrylic gloss paint & not only on found ikea table top

SIZE: 90cm x 55cm x 4.5cm
There is a monster that’s always hungry It never stops eating, it’s never full It devours everything in its sight From trees and rocks to birds and bulls

It has a mouth as big as a cave And teeth as sharp as knives It has a stomach as deep as the ocean And an appetite that never dies

It roams the land in search of food It does not care about the pain It causes to the creatures it consumes It only cares about its gain

It does not know the meaning of enough It does not know the value of life It only knows the feeling of hunger And the pleasure of its bite

Some say it’s a curse, some say it’s a sin Some say it’s a beast, some say it’s a kin But no one knows where it came from Or how to make it end

The monster that’s always hungry Is a mystery and a menace But maybe there is something more to it Maybe there is a reason for its madness

Maybe it’s lonely, maybe it’s scared Maybe it’s searching for something it lost Maybe it’s trying to fill a void in its heart Maybe it’s paying for a cost

Maybe it’s not a monster at all Maybe it’s just misunderstood Maybe it needs someone to love it Maybe it needs someone to do some good

But until then, it will keep on eating It will keep on destroying everything around The monster that’s always hungry Will never be satisfied 

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