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Troubles in His Beard Problems in His Hair

Troubles in His Beard Problems in His Hair

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TITLE: Troubles in His Beard Problems in His Hair
MEDIUM: Pens and not only on vinyl costa coffee sign -inverted 
SIZE: 63cm x 113cm
He used to have a handsome face With a smooth and clean-shaven chin But then he grew a scruffy beard And troubles soon began

He thought it would make him look cool And attract the ladies’ stare But instead it made him itch and scratch And problems sprouted in his hair

He found some crumbs and bits of food Stuck in his tangled mess He smelled some cheese and rotten meat That made him gag and stress

He saw some fleas and lice and bugs Crawling in his furry nest He felt some bites and stings and pain That made him scream and protest

He tried to shave it off one day But it was too late to care His beard had grown too thick and strong And troubles stayed in his hair

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